project life 2015 plans & title page

PL 2015My 2015 title page in 6×8 format 

I tried. I tried really, really hard to stick with my 2014 Project Life album. Just like my 2013 album I kind of just stopped. I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s because I was working in a 12×12 weekly page format which began to feel overwhelming. Having to figure out what to do with each week, the boring we didn’t do much weeks, the weeks I didn’t take many photos. Filling two huge 12 inch by 12 inch pages with a mediocre, unmemorable week just began to feel like a chore.

I’m giving PL one more chance this year and changing my entire approach. Here is what I am changing and hopefully accomplishing this year. I really enjoy the idea of this album and hoping this new plan works for me. If it doesn’t, I will need to let this one go and find a new way to document memories.

What I will be doing
Using 6″x8″ album format
It’s extremely limited in size… and that’s really appealing. I mean, I just did my title page in two minutes. If that’s a sign of things to come, let’s do this 6×8 album!

Only scrapping memorable moments
I don’t need to know what we did every week. I do like to remember memorable events and things. Movies we saw, friend get togethers and parties, exploring and road trips, vacations, trying a new restaurant will definitely be documented.  I  may include haircuts (if it’s a drastic change), maybe a photo of a new recipe we tried, perhaps even a round up of cute photos of Chloe taken that month. Forgoing the weekly format leaves me to feel free to add or omit anything without feeling like I didn’t complete the page.

Using minimal amounts of embellishments
I don’t need a lot of embellishments. I do like the occasional Studio Calico wood cut out or Thicker’s alphabet stickers but I hope to let the photos and words stand for themselves and perhaps the pieces of memorabilia.

What I’m changing
Ditching the weekly format
Thank goodness. This was the biggest stress factor for me. Every week just isn’t that interesting and once I started that I felt pressure to complete that.

Avoiding filler
Having to fill a two page spread for one week was rough and I often found myself using a card with a pattern just to fill in the space. I’m hoping with the smaller page layout that I don’t need to bother with this unless it will really add to the page itself.

Including every photo I can
Learning to use 1-3 photos to tell a story will be a challenge but will also make the pages more special. If there is an event that needs many photos I’ll do a few pages on it or even its own sub-album but overall I hope to never use more than one side of a spread to document an average day.

Know of any good 6×8 album inspiration out there? It seems this is the least popular album size. I love clean, unique and simple layouts. I hope to share page layouts at least once a month.


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