project life | 2014 title page

I am keeping my title page pretty simple.

Project Life 2014 Title Page
My 2014 title page layout – a work in progress. 

The 6″x4″ slots will be filled with pictures of both our feet on the ground in the different seasons. (yay for living somewhere with all of the seasons). Hoping for a snow, a rain (for spring), beach for summer and fall leaves. So, those spots have space holders in them currently.

I was inspired by a magazine cover I found on Pinterest which then prompted me to make a new board. A private board. Why private you ask? I add specific notes to how I want to use my inspiration and people tend to re-pin things and leave the original text onboard and I didn’t want people to re-pin my random jibberish that I write down with each inspirational design item I pin.  I might eventually transfer items I used and like the most to a public board with proper credentials down the line. Now that Pinterest gives you six private boards I highly recommend using one for inspiration you might use one day and leave yourself notes.I will share any design inspiration I use in future layouts.

That’s all for now! I’ll be sharing Project Life updates at least bi-monthly.

A screen grab of my inspiration board with personal notes added. A grab of the Billboard magazine my title page layout was inspired by. 

Want to know more about Project Life? Check out Becky Higgin’s site here.


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