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I love plants. Sadly, I only have two in our home. A bamboo plant given to us in late 2009 at our engagement party. (how it’s still alive I’ll never know!) and a rubber plant we bought in the mid-2000’s. The rubber plant is getting a bit out of control and unfortunately I discovered it’s pretty poisonous to pets if eaten. Sources say a pet would have to eat a lot of it to get sick but it still makes me nervous. I have it stored up high on a stand where the cat can’t reach but the leaves occasionally fall off and I don’t notice it right away which makes me more nervous.  I’ve been wanting to bring a little more of the west/southwest influence into our home. I’ve always been fascinated with that area of our country and find their vegetation beautiful. I have terra-cotta pots I’m painting (will share soon!) and a large oval round glass vase I’d love to make a terrarium of some sort with. I have a plant hanger made from rope I’d love to hang with a plant and the top of a tall shelf I could put the more un-pet friendly plants.  Here are a couple of plants on my mind…

1 Snake Plant This plant is great in low light and helps remove toxins from the air. Only problem is I’ve read in many places that it is toxic to pets. If I get one of these for home it’s definitely going high out of reach of little miss Chloe.

2 Hens & Chicks These adorable and common succulent plants are safe for pets which makes me happy. Their beautiful design reminds me of the west and will bring a little bit of California in our home.

3 Donkey’s Tail This plant is adorable and on the ASPCA’s webpage for safe plants for cats.  It can be hung and draped or potted.

4 String of Pearls A neat looking plant that is non-toxic to pets according to ASPCA’s webpage. It has a succulent look, which is what I am going for.

Worried about pet safe plants? Check out ASPCA’s page on plants that are safe and unsafe for pets here

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