wanderlust | pittsburgh weekend pt. 1


This past weekend was warm. It might just be the first real warm day that’s happened in months… and it almost felt a little too hot for me.  Maybe it’s because the change in weather is never subtle, it’s always 30 degrees one day then 70 the next.  This weekend we returned to Pittsburgh to see a friends cover band and decided to stay over night. We chose a historic boutique hotel called The Priory located in Deutschtown, also a historic area.

We almost passed it up as it’s really hidden in with the brick buildings it’s squished in between.  Don’t let the outside fool you, the inside is very regal and has a beautiful historical feel.

I loved this headboard! Made the room feel like you were staying in a guest room vs. a hotel.
These windows hosted a pretty neat view of Downtown Pittsburgh! They also let in a ton of light.


Can I have a ceiling like this some day, wow!

Teeeeeny sized bathroom with a view

Hi! Obligatory bathroom mirror shot. (also, even the doors hardware was super fancy)

We drove around forever trying to find a neat, local place to eat dinner. We settled for this place after we couldn’t decide on anything and it was getting late. Cute atmosphere inside

311 geekery, fans will get it. (pssst… it’s a song name ;)

Finally! the food… it was pretty tasty. Chicken sandwich with cheese, bacon, spinach on a pretzel bun.

The venue is called The Altar Bar and is a night club housed in the former St. Mary’s church.

The band No Control (a 311 cover band) put on a great show covering a lot of favorites and playing a couple original songs.  It was a nice little treat as March 11th is like a holiday for us 311 fans (3/11…). Every other year the band hosts a huge concert event on March 11th in places from New Orleans to Memphis to Vegas. I’ve been lucky to attend all but one of the shows in the past ten years.  We also met up with a handful of friends from surrounding states that we don’t get to see often. It was a good night!

Stay tuned for day two!

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