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This weekend we went to Pittsburgh, PA so I could do an engagement photo shoot at this amazing place called Carrie Furnace.  As a Cleveland native you’re trained from the beginning to hate Pittsburgh. Something about a rivalry with football teams? I can’t be bothered with such things but I certainly can appreciate a great city when I see it.

This isn’t my first trip to Pittsburgh (see: ikea kivik vs. honda fit, imagine: another crazy ikea trip, a concert at night, a trip to visit art school to see if it was right for me, etc…). Let’s just say I’ve never really seen the city before.


Look at those houses on the hill! So charming. 

After the engagement shoot we headed over to Southside Flats area, a quick drive over the river from Downtown Pittsburgh. SO. MUCH. CHARACTER! I was falling in love with a city I’ve never opened my eyes enough to see before. Cute, eclectic shops and restaurants lined the busy streets on this chilly February day. The sun was shining bright and huge white fluffy snowflakes fell from the sky.  As we drove by intersections I could see hills in the distance loaded with homes that felt reminiscent of a hill in a beautiful Italian villa… I imagined the ocean flowing at the bottom of these hills.

Fat Heads Brewery

We had a quick, late lunch at Fatheads Brewery (the original location to the one that opened closer to us recently) and decided not to visit my beloved IKEA and made our way back to Ohio.  Pittsburgh is definitely a city we plan to return to soon with more time to explore! Have you been to Pittsburgh before or live there? Any suggestions for fun places to check out? The Andy Warhol museum is number one on my list.

Street Art

Street Art in Pittsburgh

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