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Cafe Du Monde taken with my Instax 210

We are heading to New Orleans in march and I couldn’t be anymore excited.  This will be my sixth trip to the Big Easy and one thing I realized is that there is still so much for us to do and see and experience. Visiting New Orleans is like visiting another country. It’s beautiful, full of culture and color. It’s exciting and musical. It’s something new every time we visit.  Here are some items on our to do list for this trip: 

To hold a baby alligator & go on a swamp tour
Maybe it was after reading this blog post but it’s been added to my list of things I need to do when in New Orleans. Also, swamp tours seem awesome and scary all wrapped up in one. I’m down.

To see live oak trees
Scratch that. I need to see live oak trees. Why have I never done this before? I mean, we’ve seen trees throughout the city and almost made it to Audubon Park on our last trip but this time around I’m determined.  City Park looks like a good option, too. Look at these trees. sigh. I’m obsessed with trees.

To take a ferry-boat ride
I learned you can take a ferry boat ride from Canal Street to a place called Algiers Point. Also, it’s free! How could I pass this up?

To visit Preservation Hall
Historic and full of jazz, Preservation Hall looks like a fun visit. Waiting for the March schedule to pop up to see if we can visit on our trip there.

To visit the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum
Voodoo potions, old bottles and labels. I’m sold. I’ve heard good things about this place and it is definitely a unique experience.

To eat at these places
Domenica, Mulates, Cochon Butcher, Kermit Ruffin’s Speakeasy to name a few

To visit different neighborhoods and areas
Algiers point, Tremé, maybe check out Frenchman Street again.

To visit the French Market
Looks like a nice place to stroll through and maybe catch free cooking demonstrations.

To go on a tour
Ghost tour, Voo Doo tour, cemetery tour.. I went on a walking vampire tour once and it was pretty awesome. I’d love to go on another.

I’m still making a list up but these are some fun things to do on top of my list! Have any recommendations of some fun, inexpensive things to do? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!


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