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So, I finally decided to make a Momofuku Birthday Cake. I mean, what better time to make a birthday cake then, well, on your birthday, right? Well, I made it a couple of days prior but still.

I followed the recipe to a T only changing two ingredients: glucose and citric acid… and only because I didn’t have either or the foresight to buy them before I went on the adventure of baking this elaborate sugary concoction. There is a note on what you can sub glucose out for (corn syrup) if you’re in a pinch and the citric acid only required a pinch so I thought I’d be okay with omitting that one. I honestly have no idea if this had compromised the cake or not as I’ve never actually been to Momofuku and only dreamed about such a beautifully sloppy layered cake from Pinterest before getting their lovely cookbook.

So, I thought I’d just share a few thoughts on the process as I definitely want to make this cake again – but perhaps change a few things to cater to my tastes.

1: There was way more cake than what I felt was described. Maybe I used the wrong sheet cake pan size? (I’ll have to double-check) but I was able to get four cakes out of this and still have extra scraps. The cakes were buttery and dense in nature so it made it a little easier when cutting them out and moving them about. I might have preferred a softer cake myself.

2: Get the right cake ring. I, for some reason, thought using a spring-loaded cake pan would be fine… except how rounded the edges were and how tricky it was to cut the cake out of the sheet. I ended up using the 6 inch round spring-loaded cake pan as a guide and sliced around it (inside the pan) to get my rounds.  Realizing only later that there were such a thing as cake rings that almost look like giant cookie cutters. Seriously. I looked it up on Amazon and it’s only a couple bucks. Ordering one for sure.

3: Double your frosting. Even though I added an extra layer I still felt there wasn’t enough frosting. I mean… it’s a little deceptive looking at the photograph because the frosting tends to droop below the frosting layer to make it look thicker but I think I’d prefer more frosting. (and maybe a buttercream that didn’t use cream cheese – not a big fan of frosting using cream cheese).

4: Make plans for all your extra crumbles. (and maybe take out the salt all together)


These are pretty awesome. Look at them. It’s like small cake flavored cookie crumbs for your cake. How can this not be awesome? I did take issue with the taste of salt in almost every bite. Wasn’t a.. complimentary flavor in my opinion. It might be my kosher salt was too much and didn’t dissolve enough but I just couldn’t shake it. Also, use jimmies sprinkles. I don’t know about you but nonpareils sprinkles hurt my teeth. You will also have tons of these crumbles left over. Use them. Use them on ice cream or other desserts… just have a plan in mind so they don’t go to waste!



That’s really all. Overall it is a great little cake and I plan on trying this one again and other flavors and perhaps making my own creations using the same stacked idea as this cake in the future. Let me know if you tried to make a Momofuku cake and how it turned out.


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