mini cookies, why not?

So, it’s almost Christmas and everyone is baking hundreds and hundreds of cookies. I like to make cookies, too, however I felt like it was kind of silly to make the same cookies everyone else has already made. A few years ago I decided to start making miniature versions of some of my favorite cookies and since then it’s kind of become my thing.

making cookies

Miniature cookies are great for when you want to give little goodie bags to many people, for small children or just because. I’ll let you know upfront that miniature cookies take a lot longer to make and require a bit of patience but I feel they are worth it when I see the results. Miniature versions of cookies isn’t something groundbreaking but I think they are fun and cute and worth the effort.

mini cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe link here)
I’ve tried many recipes and this one has been the best one I’ve ever found. It gives the cookie a light crisp on the outside while giving it that chewy feeling inside without being under baked. I believe the secret ingredient that is different from every recipe I’ve ever used is cornstarch. I use mini chocolate chips when  making mini versions of this cookie.

To get the perfect mini size I make the dough, chill it for at least an hour. I roll the dough into balls around the size of a nickel. These will spread a bit when baking so be sure to give them at least a full inch apart from the other cookie dough balls on the baking sheet. I bake for 8 minutes at 350 degrees and once I pull them out I add a couple chips to any cookie that looks like it has none. Just press in a couple chips and then I put them on a cooling rack and place in the fridge to set the melting chocolate quicker. The time seems to be the same regardless weather you make large or small cookies.

Peanut Butter Blossoms (view the recipe I used here)
I am obsessed with these. Obsessed! One of the first mini sized cookies I tried out.

Make dough according to recipe and chill up to two hours in the fridge. Roll into balls roughly the size of a nickel and then drop into a plate or bowl of sugar coating entire ball. Place on baking sheet giving at least an inch between each ball and bake for 5-6 minutes. Once they come out wait a minute or two then place either a large chocolate chip, a mini Hershey Kiss (if you can find them, I never can) or you can try what I did this year and use those new stuffed chocolate chips. (I used peanut butter filled chocolate chips).

Chocolate Crinkles (check out the recipe on this site)
This is a first for me this year. I’ve always enjoyed these cookies and decided to give them a try this year.

This recipe will probably yield you up to 250-300+ cookies. After chilling for a few hour I rolled these into tiny balls the size of a dime almost. This will give you the perfect bite size thats roughly the size of a quarter. I have a bowl of powdered sugar ready and a hand held mesh strainer. I roll the dough and toss them into the strainer that’s sitting over the powdered sugar. Then after 8-10 balls are rolled I push the strainer into the powdered sugar and it fills. Then I shake it around until the balls are coated and the remaining powdered sugar falls through the mesh.

Have you ever made mini versions of your favorite cookie or dessert?

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