taking living small to the next level

In less than three months we’ll be moving from a 750 sq. ft two bedroom apartment to an 820 sq. ft. one bedroom loft like apartment. This space change is definitely going to be challenging, but I look forward to the chance to push my creativity in space decorating and making it work with less and the chance to get rid of a lot of things we don’t need.

Did I mention that our new apartment is still being built in a historic building?

We had a chance to tour the property this week and though our future home is not much but a few walls and some frame work it really gave us a good perspective on how much space we will have to work with. The living space combines dining, living and kitchen areas and we’re also adding a small space for the office. This is going to be the biggest challenge as this area appeared to be a lot smaller than we imagined from the floor plan and we have a really long couch. (over 9 ft. long, thankfully it has a chaise attachment that can be taken off)

One of the spaces I’m really excited about is the hallway. Weird, right? It’s just a hallway – but it’s such a neat little space. There will be 3 closets, a nook or two, and a staircase that leads into the living area. The bedroom and bathroom will also be on the lower level. I’m going to have to wait until this space is finished more to really get a vision of what we can do with it but I look forward to it.

The ceilings will be white with exposed ductwork. The walls using original brickwork where it existed. 

There will be a rooftop deck – dreaming of summer nights watching fireworks from the baseball games and sunsets.

It’s only a few months away but feels like forever. I’ll be sharing the progress of decorating as we go along.

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