ikea kivik vs honda fit or the story of our new couch

IKEA Kivik vs. Honda Fit -or- the story of our new couch | anydayjen.com

The after shot, it’s perfect!

Our old couch was a hand me down. Sure, it was cozy and familiar and had that worn out spot that was just right but it was over 20 years old and had this country checkered pattern that no matter how we tried to cover it… it just wasn’t our style.

IKEA Kivik vs. Honda Fit -or- the story of our new couch | anydayjen.com

Ew, even the couch cover didn’t like to be on the old couch!

We started looking at couches having our hearts set on a sectional style couch that had a chaise attachment or an L shaped couch look. Soon we decided on the IKEA Kivik. This was after a preliminary trip to test couches out and deciding against the IKEA Karlstad model as it felt a bit cheaply constructed and that worried us on longevity. (I still love how mid-century and lovely this couch looks, it just wasn’t what we were after sadly.)

We planned this out. I called ahead and got measurements on all the packages that would be included since they flat package everything I thought no problem, this is all going to fit.

IKEA lesson 1: Never assume.

The measurements we were given over the phone were drastically different from what the boxes were.  I also noticed from our couch hunting visit that the boxes were packed differently from that visit to the visit we purchased it at.  The employee is probably reading a general size dimensions off their computer vs. checking on the product. Keep that in mind. If something is just going to fit in your vehicle, it might turn out to be larger than you expected. 

So after the two hour journey to Pittsburgh’s IKEA, the closest location, we go to the warehouse and pick up all the boxes needed for the Kivik couch + chaise unit as well as the slip covers. As we loaded the cart with our really large boxes my heart began to sink. How could this be? These boxes were much larger than the measurements! Nooooo. I felt sick, but tried to stay positive. My car can fold its seats into a handful of space saving positions… we got this, no problem! (haha!)

IKEA lesson 2: Shop ahead of time to save time.

What I mean is to look through their website and catalog before going. Let’s face it… walking through an IKEA store can either be the funnest part of your day or the most daunting. If your IKEA trip brings you there for a large piece of furniture luckily you will only need to go to the warehouse. An employee can help you find the area the items you need are.  If you have the time I do recommend going to the area your item is in the show room to make 100% sure it’s what you want.. especially if you have to drive a couple hours to get there and returns would be a hassle. 

So, I pull the car up to the front of the store and thankfully all the loading docks were full of cars causing us to load our stuff a little bit away from the other customers. Our… impending adventure would have probably caused some laugher and some “sucks to be them” thoughts.  We look at the boxes, look at the car, look at the boxes and back to the car. Big sigh. We decide that everything has to come out of the boxes since several pieces were in two ginormous boxes + the slip cover box.

IKEA Kivik vs. Honda Fit -or- the story of our new couch | anydayjen.com

Wondering if this was a mistake or not… two carts of boxes

A couple hours later, almost in tears we just about have everything in the car… that is with the exception of the two large back cushions for the couch. Having no idea what to do I just stared in disbelief. An older couple walked by us and mumbled to themselves “first timers, hah!”… boy, how wrong they were… this wasn’t our first crazy IKEA trip.. more like the 3rd…

IKEA lesson 3:  Be prepared. Scouts can do it, so can you.

This includes prepping your car for transporting large pieces of furniture. In our situation we had to remove all items from the boxes so we can get them to squeeze in our car.  The Honda Fit has seats that fold down in a variety of ways, this was helpful. Understand your cars seat situation. Can the seat in front of the trunk fold down to make more space? Awesome!  Some supplies that may be helpful: scissors or a utility knife, duct tape, old blankets (to protect your seats), tarp, rope, bungee cords. The store sells some supplies such as ropes and tarp, but it’s best to be prepared just in case.

Determined, I decided to go into the store and purchase tarp material and extra rope. We brought rope and scissors with us but I wanted to make sure we had enough. I somehow managed to rig a tarp to the roof of my car. I left the keys in the ignition to turn the car on (not the engine) so I could roll down windows and roll them up. Finally I managed to get the tarp secure. We’re ready to go! Everything fits, plus one cushion will be in front of Nate as we drive home… hey, it’s like a permanent airbag, right? I go to turn the car on… nothing.  I start to panic a little… I thought maybe because the back hatchback door was open that the car wouldn’t start… that’s a silly thought… after a moment of trying not to panic I take the keys out of the ignition. I wait a few seconds then try again and it starts! Phew!!! It must have been from leaving the keys in the on position for so long. Whatever it was we were glad to be on our way.

IKEA Kivik vs. Honda Fit -or- the story of our new couch | anydayjen.com

Somehow we got it all to fit! 

We made it home with all the pieces and proceeded to assemble the couch and remove our old couch. It was a very exhausting day and I’m still glad we did it but next time we will definitely be more prepared when buying larger pieces from IKEA.

IKEA Kivik vs. Honda Fit -or- the story of our new couch | anydayjen.com

Our couch model & color.

A little info on assembling and the couch as a whole.

Assembly was easy. I’ve never had trouble building anything from IKEA (though I’ve heard so many horror stories). The chaise can be separate or attached. The couch has to have the arm or chaise attached or you will see an empty patch where fabric would be. I believe you can buy a model that has no arm rests. Make sure you know which you are getting!  Couch is low to the ground and comfy. I’m not 100% in love with the couch color… a little too brown for me, I’d have preferred more of the gray colors but I had to compromise on color choice.

I wanted to share this story in hopes it may help someone else out who is planning to get a large piece of furniture and aren’t so lucky to live really close to an IKEA. I remember when researching this couch I searched all over for photos of the couch in real peoples homes not the set up shots on IKEA’s website and catalog. I hunted down reviews, how hard it was to transport and assemble… all of that with very few results. If you are thinking of purchasing this couch and have any questions feel free to ask.

Good luck with your future IKEA purchases!

** update ** 

January 17th, 2014. 

I somehow changed a setting so you couldn’t comment on my blog once a post became x amount of days old. Oops! Fixed now. I’ve gotten several e-mails from readers glad to see this information and asking me how the couch has held up.  So, it’s just about two years old now and I think it’s held up pretty well. We fall asleep on it a lot and I think that has added to the wear of the cushion but it’s not too bad. One spring under the couch popped out. The couch is under 10 year warranty, however, we live pretty far from any IKEA and it wasn’t that bad so we let it go. Actually, I popped it in and it seems to be okay so far. The chaise is so comfy. That’s my favorite spot to be. I’ve since detached the chaise and eventually pushed it up against the couch. It’s a lot of work to detach it and I’ve considered re-attaching it but… that whole a lot of work thing… 

I notice a little wear in the cushions. You can tell where we sit the most (or should I say fall asleep on the most). The material has upheld pretty well. Very light wear. It looks like a shade lighter where the most wear is and it isn’t very noticeable. I haven’t seen any pilling of the fabric, either.  I’m considering buying a new cover here. Maybe when we move some day. 

Overall – we’re pretty happy with our purchase. 

Glad I can help with your questions on transporting a couch from IKEA! Feel free to ask any other questions you may have and I’ll do my best to help out. 

5 thoughts on “ikea kivik vs honda fit or the story of our new couch

  1. Me again!
    Also, it has been a couple years, do you still love that you bought the Kivik? Has it held up and is comfortable?

  2. Ok, first, your blog entry was helpful and made me hopeful. I too live two hours away with a smallish car and want this couch. I drive a Kia Soul and have really been thinking about what the actual dimensions of the pieces are. Do you happen to know what the dimensions of the largest piece was if I were to take everything out of the boxes? I am thinking of taking the trip tomorrow.

    1. Hi there- sorry was on a bit of a posting hiatus and just saw this.

      Hoping all went well with your trip! The largest piece was probably the base / back of the couch. I wanna say they were around 6 feet.

  3. This is incredibly helpful. I just wish I had read it before I made the trip 2 hours away!

    I too was shocked when I saw the size of the Kivik boxes. My heart sank because I dragged a dear friend for several hours hemming and hawing over the Orrstra gray or blue cover.

    I immediately knew it wouldn’t fit in my 2006 Chevy HHR. The sales guy said they can try to load it and it it doesn’t work, just return it.

    I didn’t even consider taking it out of the boxes. Now I’m confident I could do that. I think the HHR is a little longer than the Fit.

    Delivery wasn’t really an option to my area as it would cost nearly as much as a couch and wouldn’t get her until November!

    Thanks again. :)

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