it’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday this week so everyone else wins. Why? Because I made one of my favorite recipes with a little twist. It’s something so simple but totally transforms this delicious treat from just plane yummy to yummy + festive.

I added birthday candles as sticks! The original recipe doesn’t note to add any sticks but I used inspiration from my version of the cookie dough truffles where I added sticks that were stamped with “cookie dough”.

cake batter balls It’s a simple addition but it made them so fun and festive! I also added b&w striped paper cups to them. 

cake batter balls

Here’s the original recipe here.

Here’s a lil’ chocolate tip:
I didn’t add cake batter to the white chocolate myself. One little thing I did differently this time was to use a fork. I placed the truffle with candle on the fork, poured the chocolate over (which gets difficult because white chocolate sometimes doesn’t stay smooth when melted). I made sure I covered all the batter and tap the fork. This method has worked best with white chocolate. With milk or dark I’ve been able to tap the truffle using sticks.

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