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This afternoon we decided to take a trip to Ohio City and check out the new Jack Flap’s breakfast joint opened by Momocho (El Carnicero, Happy Dog, etc) owner Eric William’s and partner Randy Carter. The menu boasts a variety of creative and mostly sweet breakfast treats that sounded pretty delicious to us. We arrived around 1:30 pm on a Sunday. It was such a tiny little place only having 40 seats but the wait didn’t feel that long. We sat at the bar along the entrance wall.

Jack Flaps

I’ll just say this now – if you are impatient, not willing to try something new or different and have an aversion to possibly sitting cafeteria style with strangers this might not be your place.

Our order took a little longer than I’d imagine it should have – seeing people who ordered after us get their food before we did. Our waiter apologized a couple times but we weren’t angry as we expected a wait being such a small place and fairly new.

We both ordered a Mexican Coke off the random soda selection they offer. (which is subject to change). They had pops such as Cherokee Red (yum!), Dr. Faygo (haha), and some others.  Specialty soda’s can be fun, you never know what will be there. We arrived in the middle of happy hour meaning all flapjacks were $5. Some were priced normally around $9 so that is a great deal. (1pm-3pm).

The place smelled good, it was small and cozy and had fun artwork of people having eggs and milk poured all over them or thrown at them and captured each moment. Those were fun to look at.

Jack Flaps Malted Milk Crunch Waffle

We finally got our orders. I had ordered the Malted Milk Crumble Waffle and N ordered the Cracker-Jackflaps with a side of Mexican Coke-Braised Slab Bacon.  My order was described as “Chocolate ganache | cereal milk whipped cream”. I was really excited about the cereal milk whipped cream and very disappointed to find out they were out and it was replaced with whipped cream cheese. (gross). I wish they would have given me the heads up.  I had a side of cinnamon butter (which looked thick and kind of weird). It didn’t add much to the dish so I ignored it (why add extra calories if you can’t even taste it?). The syrup was nice and thick and tasty.  My waffle was covered in powdered sugar, malted milk crumble and a thin chocolate sauce.  It was decadent.  I started to wonder if the malted milk crunch and cereal milk were related to Momofuku Milk Bar’s cereal milk and variety of crunches added to their cakes and desserts.

Jack Flaps Cracker Jackflaps

N’s order was two pancakes with salted caramel sauce, popped corn (weird!), crushed peanuts and mentioned on the menu but not given “prize”.  His pancakes were light and fluffy and had a buttery taste (of course I had to taste a bite).  He scraped his bowl clean. The bacon was so thick. I’m not a big bacon fan, especially of this thick kind with lots of fat but he didn’t seem to mind it.

Jack Flaps Menu

Overall it was a fun little experience. I’m not sure if I’d return soon as it was a very decadent breakfast and feels best as a special treat over a regular breakfast spot.  I recommend giving it a try. If you do let me know what you think!

p.s. Check out their website and full menu at http://jack-flaps.com/ open Wednesday through Sunday 7am – 3pm 

p.p.s.s. Jack Flaps strongly discourages usage of smart phones (but they offer wi-fi, haha). I couldn’t help photographing stuff because I use the photos on this blog and my scrapbooks. Sorry, Jack Flaps – I had to :-)

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