Happy New Year!

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I used to make resolutions until I realized resolutions were just like a diet. You are all excited about it initially and stick with it for a little while and then it eventually fades away until you forget about it only to remember a few months later that Oh, crap – I didn’t stick with my resolution/diet/whatever.

I’ve also learned that people always try to think big, big, big for their New Years resolution. That’s also kind of starting you off on the wrong foot.

I think the best approach to resolutions is to do the following:

  • be realistic
  • be goal oriented
  • have a plan

Here are my goals I hope to incorporate this year

Read 75 books
Woah, right? Who has time for that? Well, I do, you do, everyone does really. If you really want to. I listen to audiobooks a lot while working. It’s a chance to keep reading throughout the day when you can’t sit in front of a book (or your Kindle) and makes the day fly by so quickly while enjoying a story. I reached 63 books this year and the year before that I surpassed my goal so I feel 75 could be achievable.

Move more
My job, my hobbies – they’re all quite stationary. I didn’t realize how stationary until receiving a Fit Bit and recording a week of my life before making any changes. My step count was really, really low. Knowing this I hope to make little changes to gradually build my step count up. I realistically know it wont change overnight but will take baby steps and set a number to work up to.

With water. Lots more. It’s amazing the amount of people who are so dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Did you know that many mistake dehydration with hunger? Again, it’s a goal I’ll work on with baby steps.

Be a better photographer
After reviewing my work from 2014 I felt a sense of disappointment in how little I got out there and shot. A dozen concerts, a few portraits and weddings, made it out into nature a few times. I don’t think I even gave my film cameras a second thought other than how pretty they look on the shelf. This year I’d like to focus on a project and make an effort to get out and shoot, shoot, shoot!

Shop smarter
I’ve been working on eliminating clutter, things we don’t need. Now living in an open floor plan the clutter is out in the open so I feel it will help keep me on track. That being said I hope to shop smarter. Continue to try out capsule wardrobes, only buy what is needed, store things that make sense (non perishable food, supplies we use daily, not craft stuff I might use one day or that shirt that was on sale that maybe one day I’ll wear)

Get in the  kitchen
More meals from scratch, move towards less processed, pre-made foods. Learn new recipe staples, techniques, try new foods. Our kitchen is open concept and attached to the office, living area, etc. So I no longer have the excuse of a tiny little hallway kitchen that makes me feel cut off from the world. I’m right there – in the open, I can keep up with the TV show we’re watching, feel closer to whatever is happening while making a meal. I also live minutes away from a historic food markets which I plan to regularly visit once we finally get settled in the new place and figure it out.

Explore, travel, experience
We may not be able to do a lot of traveling but we just moved into a historic and beautiful neighborhood near Downtown Cleveland that is full of history, local shops, great restaurants and character. Not to mention the dozens of huge, beautiful park systems and a gigantic ocean sized lake down the street. I hope to explore more, learn about landmarks, and enjoy the local landscape as much as the foreign.

So as this year begins I am making my plans to accomplish the above goals. Baby steps will be the best way to get there and will help me keep on track. Here’s to 2015 being a year of fun, adventures and creativity.

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