visiting the garden center


Today I decided to stop watching episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and go outside and enjoy the weather. I’ve been wanting to buy some plants lately and I haven’t had a chance to get out. I’ve been having such a hard time picking out the plants I want and overwhelmed by all the beautiful succulents and air plants but felt intimidated by them. I ended up with a cat grass plant for Chloe and two Peperomia plants which the ASPCA says are non-toxic to Chloe. I think that’s where I am getting nervous with plants – will they make my cat sick?? I don’t have many places to keep them out of her reach. I still want to get some more plants mostly in the succulent category but these I need to know if I can replant and transfer to other pots with ease.


flip flops, strips and succulents


I wish I could have tons of these everywhere – so pretty!


so green, so pretty


Anyone know what this is? There were no labels on the plants that I could see other than prices and I kind of love them. 


Considering a hanging plant or two – could be the solution to a plant happy kitty.


Safely on their way home!


Chloe is quite happy with my purchases 

I’ll share my painted pot DIY for these soon!


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