exploring the new neighborhood

strolling through tremont
It’s not as if we’ve never been to Tremont before, however, in less than a month calling this cute little neighborhood home we felt it would be nice to re-acquaint ourselves with our future home.

strolling through tremont
As we strolled through town I couldn’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance to New Orleans. A few brick roads, wrought iron gate work, and fences, colorful homes, little alleyways.

strolling through tremont
This view from outside edge of the neighborhood. Cleveland may be small with its 3 tall buildings but I love it just as much as NYC or other larger cities.

Cute corners on the edges of most streets.

Murals, sometimes hidden

strolling through tremont
Even the abandoned buildings are pretty.

Love this little bench.

Vibrant murals, iron fences with patios – this really felt New Orleans to me.

Speaking of New Orleans… a new spot that might be our new favorite once we visit…

Mysterious stairways, cute ice cream shops

Bikes to rent, hooray!

This star and moon gateway – amazing. Love this little tree rest area

strolling through tremont
Kitties in shop windows! (Pretty sure I have this same shot from our most recent New Orleans trip)

Looking forward to moving and exploring the neighborhood more!

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