diy ombre hair



This experience spanned 3 weeks.

I used two different types of hair dye for this process.  First time I blonde ombréd my hair (and I say blonde ombré because I did this a couple years ago with very dark brown and light brown on top) I used Loréal Wild Ombre (sometimes known as Feria Wild Ombre). I used stupid logic and picked the dark blonde / light brown version because the one for darker brown hair made it look like it turned your hair orange… looking back now it was also probably stronger bleach… but anyway mistakes aside I went with this one.


My results were okay. It changed my hair, it was ombré… just not ombré enough for me. I needed it more dramatic. Afraid to bleach the ends of my hair again so soon I decided to wait a couple weeks and try it again.


So, the second time around I used a different dye kit Born Blonde. This kit boasts it can change the darkest hair color to a natural looking blonde. The instructions also said it would take around 20 minutes to for it to make a change… that was a bit off.  After 30 minutes of foil wrapped, teased hair bleached ends I hardly could see a difference. A friend suggested to rinse, dry see the results and if not enough use remaining bleach and do it again and then to heat the foil wrapped hair. I gave this a try and left it on for another 30 minutes. The results? Perfect! Exactly what I wanted.  Am I glad I did this myself vs. having a salon do it? I sure am!  I was quoted a bit over 150 to have this done.. I spent under 20.  Do I recommend this to someone wanting to ombré their hair? Perhaps. I’m super creative and that might help in doing stuff like this. I’d make sure you have a good knowledge of what you are doing and are okay with making a big oops and screwing your hair up because it can happen.  My outlook is.. it’s just hair. So if you get super nervous about doing anything different to your hair you might want to consult a professional. 

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