our home was selected for small cool 2015!

Small Cool 2015I know it’s silly but I always wanted to be a part of the Small Cool contest from Apartment Therapy. (visit our page here)  Since moving into our new lofty space inside a converted creamery building I was more excited than ever to try to get in. To my surprise, even with a late entry, our place was selected to be added to the voting pool. We found out while out on vacation and tried our best to rally up support with votes but having a late entry gives you a bit of a disadvantage as they gradually add entries on the site to be voted on and some had a 200+ vote advantage. It’s also hard to rally support using your phone and trying to not be super annoying vote beggar. Needless to say we made it in and I did tell myself I’d feel good if we got that far – and I do.

Here are some of our entry photos – a huge thank you to everyone who supported us with a vote or share. There’s always next year (maybe). Or a house tour! (even cooler)

small cool
Our living area (which has since had extra ductwork added) I’m still trying to figure out how to decorate the wall above the TV. I was thinking the space above the papasan chair could be a few hanging planters that are made to hang against a wall and a large statement piece above the TV. small cool
The kitchen area – to the left it’s a big empty wall above the sink area. Still debating what to do there.  I bought three large 20″x20″ frames from our last trip to IKEA and imagined enlarged photos from travels. I feel art and decor should always have a meaning and not just look pretty.
small cool
The bedroom (there’s been additional ductwork added since this photo was taken). I got this really great idea at a speakeasy we were at on our trip for the small mantle right below the brick which currently has small battery operated candles. I hope to do a DIY for that in the near future. I’m at a blank what to do with the brick wall – Not sure I love the photo there. A huge piece of art would be awesome but expensive. I really love the idea of two large hanging lights going down each side, too. I still need to paint/stain the side tables we got. I also want to do something with the walls but at a loss.
small cool 2015
This is the corner adjacent to the living area and across from the kitchen. I’ve been thinking about trading the ladder shelf for a straight up and down shelf for a while – so one day that may happen. I also want to find better storage for the DVDs – only keeping the boxes for our favorites.  Not sure about the wall – I was thinking of hanging framed memorabilia here (once I get it framed, that is)
small cool

The last photo in our entry is our hallway. It’s a huge space that I’m still trying to figure out. I am thinking to add some pouf seating at the bottom where the shelf is. Heck, maybe even get rid of the shelf and make it a lounge area with a huge piece of art.

Looking forward to decorating more and adding more personality to our place and maybe next year we can try again :)


new home, new neighborhood

We moved this past week to a place we did not even see finished until the day we moved in. That’s crazy, right? We’ve been going on rendering drawings and construction photo updates for months now and finally the day we get to move into our new place came and gone. It’s definitely an experience moving into a place you haven’t seen the finished product before moving in. Kind of crazy and exciting all in one. My first impression was a tiny bit of shock at how small it felt – but once we began to move our things in it started to feel more and more like home and less like a small space. I like small spaces – I just worried our furniture wouldn’t fit. Turns out it’s perfect.
the FC
The exposed brick is my favorite. I’ve always wanted to live in an industrial space but it’s been so hard to find one that didn’t feel decrepit. The cool part about moving into a renovated building is that everything is new because it never existed before but it’s set in an old space with the old feel.
the FC
Exposed brick in two shades – red and glazed yellow – original to the construction of the building was utilized often in the apartments. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about glossy white cabinetry but it looks really good with the other building and existing materials.
the FC
We have a split level apartment due to the lower half of our place being coolers in the original building. This creates a decorating and space challenge. It’s a large hallway that I want to utilize to its full potential.
the FC
Waiting on curtain rods to be installed – partially sad about the idea of covering up these beautiful windows but also like the idea of creating privacy.

I’ll post updates of finished spaces and projects as they come. My next area of focus is the corner with the desk and creative item storage. That’s the biggest challenge. The second project is the bedroom which includes a gigantic brick wall, and the third project will be the hallway which includes an entryway, covering a cat litter while still giving kitty comfort while hiding the box and making the space usable and fourth project would be creating an interesting and usable area by the staircase.

I look forward to the fun challenge and can’t wait to get started… but first I need to finish unpacking.