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So, we had a totally lazy day today that consisted of laying around till about 4:30pm. Why not, right?  We finally got ready and headed out to do some shopping as I wanted to pick up a few things for my best friends wedding shower. We, on a whim, decided to head to a little city called Tremont about 20 minutes away to try out a new Mexican place a few of friends have talked about called Barrio (no website yet).


We arrived and entered a building with dark colors, amazing muraled walls of what appeared to be Día de los Muertos paintings covering walls everywhere.  Bicycles hung in the window with skeletons riding them and white string lights going through the tires as make shift lights.  The patio looked pretty cool, too.

Barrio Tremont

Barrio Tremont

The only way I can explain this place would be to familiarize it with another spot in a different neighborhood called Happy Dog. If you’re not familiar you get a list of the hot dogs, the toppings, sauces, etc and check off what you want, turn it in, x amount of time later you have a custom hot dog creation.   Barrio is the Mexican version of Happy Dog.   So, we fill out our checklists and put in our orders.  I ordered three tacos, rice and black beans.  Assuming my tacos would be small as all I really ordered was chicken and cheese I ordered three of them.  I was so, so wrong. My tacos were stuffed.

Barrio Tremont

I removed some of it to add rice and black beans and had a hard time finishing them… but not due to the food being bad, just a lot. The rice was good a cilantro lime style rice and the black beans had a bit of spice to it.  Barrio has definitely been added to our list of Mexican places we like in the Downtown/ Near downtown area.

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